It’s taken me a long time to build up the courage to write this post. The reasons for this will become clear as you read on, but first I want to thank every single on of you for your patience and support over the last nearly 3 years that this project has been happening.

As most of you already know, we can’t call ourselves film makers, we’re just people who tried to make a film. We’re still trying and we’ll continue until the last edit is done and the all of you get to see it.

From a personal and professional point of view the last 18 months have been incredibly difficult and stressful. Since LFN5 began I’ve had and left 3 different jobs and my state of mind has been effected massively. In February this year, roughly the last time I posted anything to do with the project, my mental health took a serious battering due to a new job. I could barely function as a human never mind as a film maker. In order to get through days I had to prioritise what was important and shelve anything extra as I wasn’t capable of giving it any kind of attention. As time went on things got harder and Looking For Number 5 was the last thing I wanted or could think about. The longer I left it, the harder it became to write an update or reply to a post or even acknowledge that the project was still happening so I essentially moth-balled it. However, with the support of my family and friends I am now in a much better place and feel able to continue with this project and get it finished.

We have hurdles to overcome before we can finish LFN5 and we may need help. We’ve finished filming but we’re still collecting archive footage and anything that could be useful for the production. We realised recently that the film all hangs on one piece of footage, the goal scored by Philippe v Man Utd in 1996. We don’t have the rights or permission to use this footage yet and the Premier League will charge us £3000 per minute to use it. However we will find a way to depict the goal. We have to.

As things stand we’ve had meetings this week to start moving things forward again and we’ll be devoting time every week to the project. I can’t say when the film will be finished yet, but it will get finished and your continued patience, support and encouragement is massively appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you have any questions or ideas relating to the production don’t hesitate to get in touch.