Looking for Number 5 is a documentary film created by two Newcastle United fans, Taylor Payne and Stephen Best, looking back at a particular era in the history of the club.  The film will focus on the Newcastle United squad of the mid 1990’s, a team now referred to by fans and pundits as ‘The Entertainers’ and it will chronicle what many people believe to be the highlight of this era, the 5-0 victory over Manchester United at St James’ Park on October 20th, 1996.

The film will mix interviews with former squad members, pundits and notable fans with footage from the era to create an honest, entertaining and engrossing product, not just for Newcastle fans, but for football fans everywhere. The story of the Entertainers and the 5-0 victory will be relived through the memories of the players, staff, pundits and fans who experienced it and will provide those not lucky enough to witness this great team a chance to enjoy first-hand accounts of the time.

The film is being entirely funded, produced and promoted by fans and has captured the imagination on Tyneside and around the world. A Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign has provided the funds to produce the film and has also shown the appetite to see the film made.  This project has, since its conception, epitomised the community spirit that surrounds Newcastle United with fans from all over the world contributing thousands of pounds in funding and offering professional services for free because this is a story and a project that they care about dearly.

As well as documenting the famous game, this film will follow the creators of the project into Europe as they track down the man responsible for one of the most iconic moments in Newcastle United’s recent history. Philippe Albert’s name will forever be synonymous with that game and that goal and the story of the team will be intertwined with travelogue style footage as we head to Belgium to find Philippe and hopefully relive the game through his memories.

In order to create a lasting and engrossing film, we are looking to get as many of the main cast of players and staff on board with the project as possible. We have already secured the involvement of first team players Robert Lee, Keith Gillespie, Darren Peacock and Peter Beardsley, with more squad members being added each week. These players have all agreed to give up a small amount of their busy schedule to allow us to shoot talking head style interviews with them to be used in the finished film.

We hope that Looking For Number 5 will be hugely popular with football fans everywhere and will serve as an entirely joyful look back at a truly brilliant time to be a Newcastle United Fan. We hope we can capture even 10% of how we felt as young fans supporting the club we love.

Cheers, Taylor